From June 6-10, ABB Turbocharging joined the global leaders and influencers of the internal combustion engine industry, at the 28th CIMAC World Congress, held at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland with the theme: ‘Meeting the Future of Combustion Engines’.

ABB Turbocharging continued its long-running role as a major sponsor of the Congress and as an exhibitor. The event was also where the technical launch of the new MXP® turbocharger took place.

In total seven technical papers were submitted for presentation:

  • ‘New single-stage turbocharger for large high speed diesel engines’
  • ‘Embedded turbocharger performance monitoring’
  • ‘Valve control management and Power2® – the answers to highly demanding diesel engines?’
  • ‘Power2® – is 2-stage turbocharging interesting for 2-stroke engines?’
  • ‘OHS – noise reduction in engine rooms on board ships’
  • ‘Turbocharging system optimization for Kolomna D500 newly designed engine platform’