From our years of experience in product and application engineering, as well as service, we know there is no standard customer for turbocharging products.  Through close partnerships with our customers we aim to offer increasingly customized service solutions, tailored to our customers’ businesses.

From research that we commissioned in 2016 and insights from our Head of Service , you can find out more about our approach to maintaining customers’ equipment for reliability, availability and safe operations


In 2016 we further developed the portfolio of service agreements available to the market, aiming for increased flexibility and cost-effectiveness. These agreements encompass a unique range of services that can be tailored to the business needs and operational environments of an individual customer.

Our Customized Service Support is combined with innovative technology and industry knowledge to offer value-added service support that helps keep your applications – and your business – running at maximum productivity. It incorporates our database, an invaluable resource keeping track of the history and health of your turbochargers for planning and reducing equipment downtime.


Commitment from customers to long-term service agreements, is growing. Continuing in this direction, we are now focusing on value-based offerings for further differentiation in the increasingly competitive service market. As the industry and markets in which we operate prepare to adapt to the implementation of digital, remotely controlled, and automated solutions, ABB Turbocharging is exploring the potential of such capabilities to bring greater value for customers.