During 2016 several turbocharger products in operation were commercially released for sales:

Power2 800-M two-stage turbocharging system. The latest generation of Power2 800-M passed a further milestone in May 2016 by passing the required type test proving that it is fully ready for application on an engine. The product will be truly endorsed later in 2017, with first operation of the world’s most advanced medium-speed engine installed on an Aker ARC 124 icebreaker being constructed at the PJSC shipyard in Vyborg, north-western Russia.

A170-M and A175-M axial products. The first ABB axial turbochargers with high compressor ratios and efficiency for large medium-speed engine platforms now meet market demand for highest pressure ratios with single-stage turbocharging. Released for sales in 2016 a number of major power plant and marine applications will be applied with these turbochargers.

A200-L. For this most advanced two-stroke turbocharger, we have developed an enhanced version with larger turbine and compressor stages, enabling further increased power density. As a result this can allow application of smaller turbocharger sizes which can lead to reduced CAPEX.