A German cogeneration 190-MW facility is being hailed as a flagship project of Germany’s energy transition plan, and will be powered by 20 GE Jenbacher J920 FleXtra gas engines installed with Power2 upon commissioning at the end of 2018. The combined heat and power (CHP) plant is located on the east bank of the Kieler Förde inlet in Kiel, Germany. Due to the high efficiency as well as advantageous environmental characteristics of natural gas the “Küstenkraftwerk” emits +70 percent less carbon dioxide(CO2) than the previous power plant.

Two-stage turbocharging
Power2 550-M units will be installed. This two-stage turbocharging system plays a role in reducing the fuel consumption of gas engines, lowering the level of emissions compared to application of single-stage turbocharging. Depending on operation and other variables, fuel saving can be up to 9% compared to application of single-stage turbocharging.